Monday, April 6, 2009

what do the planets have for through out year-2009

What do planets have for through out New Year?
As we are about to contemplate over the year 2009 [according to Hindi samwat] following points would be subjects to think over -
1. The parties at national level have to pay more importance to regional small parties than what they deserve. During and after forthcoming election these parties will bargain to occupy the biggest share in the power.
2. Once again congress would be successful to retrieve P.M. post.
3. Forthcoming New Year would be brutally violent full for Pakistan as we will see a lot of actions of terrorism frequently run through out Pakistan. No WONDER if on going government in Pak gets out of the power.
4. Emerges of violence in quantity will prove the sovereignty of Pakistan is nothing but a child’s game.
5. Meltdown will play its game with full swing all across the world – Nothing could be possible to thwart its contagious effect despite of AMERICAN mammoth sports. At least two years are yet to rule out meltdown.
6. In I.P.L. cricket tournament Rajasthan will have no chance to retain the title -sorry situation will welcome Rajasthan.
7. There is a muddle over the future of B.J.P. After election future of this party is ambiguous. Great changes are being possible. New faces will lead the party for bright future.
8. America and India both will not come together only to win over terrorism but also to strengthen world s pecuniary turmoil.
9. India will emerge as stalwart powerful country in the realm of nuclear.
10. Monsoon in India; will not be enough.