Friday, June 19, 2009


Last time on 03-06-2009, I have predicted on the context of twenty/20world cup that Indian cricket team mission retrieving over world cup doomed of failure by the planetary circle that is moving all around the sun giving directives as they wish to behave with the world.
Now wheel of time has moved to back the Pakistan. As our astrological statistic calculation emerging the scenario in full zoom is telling into full volume that Pakistan is going to prevail over srilanka in the final match of twenty/20 world cup. Thanks/


Rahul Gandhi; god bless you!
Happy birth day!!
You live long!!!
It was 19-06-1970, on that happiest day, when late SRI RAJIV GANDHI had been endowed by the almighty with mellow child RAHUL GANDHI.
It was Mithun lagna that was passing over Delhi when Rahul taken birth.
It turned him over viewer, sensitive and fulfilled with energy to be oxygen supplier for moribund congress during last general election and he got the party reinstated.
At this time RAHUL is passing through the Dasha of moon and sub sub period of Ketu which will end up to 05-07-2009. During this we, people of India would be learned grape-vine about his marriage. As my astrological introspection is looming to me Rahul’s mind-makeup is still within way, as he needs more time to think over.
He is a Mangalik native which turns him to be the man of prowess who does care not of self in the proportion to serving the country. On the other hand we may say for waiting to these entire wooer beautiful girls who are dreaming of RAHUL.
After 05-07-2009, two prudent planets venues and sun both will pass through under the Mahadasha of moon up to 01-11-2009, during this auspicious time Rahul may pay his full attention to nurture the party and may have to travel within country or out of country.
And from 01-11-2009 to end of the year would be time of a lot of kudos.
In addition, next year will start with a lot of happiness for us along with RAHUL GANDHI